WDA Fitness Categories


There is a large Fitness division in WDA 

Every Clubs in children fitness sport are welcome!

Fitness routines may be entered to FITNESS categories. 

FITNESS is a spectacular acrobatic show dance with acrobatic, flexibility, power elements and jumps. NO Aerobic and Rhythmic Gymnastics

In Solo there are 3 different levels:
FITNESS DANCE (Basic level) – just a few elements in a dance choreography (10-15 elements are recommended in a dance choreography)

FITNESS SHOW  (Medium level ) – more elements, more difficult elements (15-20 elements are recommended in a dance choreography)
ACROBATIC SHOW (Top level ) –  the routine should contain a large amount of difficult elements (more than 20 elements are recommended in a dance choreography)

The difference between solo categories is the number of elements and the difficulty level of elements – please see the details inthe rules.

Duo, trios, groups and formations under category name Fitness Dance

IMPORTANT there is only fitness routine, no poses!


  • In duo, trio and group choreographies the joint performance of minimum 4 elements is obligatory (4 elements which are performed by all of the competitors at the same time or in canon).
  • Elements in row (combination): the elements may be performed independently or connected in a row.
  • Elements must be correctly presented.
  • Liftings are allowed, but no Pyramide.

Stage decorations and props:

  • Usage of small hand props, which can be held in hand as a tool, are allowed.
  • Usage of stage decoration is prohibited - a chair or any other standing object is not allowed. 


Special rules to Fitness and Acrobatic Show

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