Music: any music at own discretion fitting the technique applied.
Please do not use actual HIT music in this category.

Categories and time duration:





2-3 dancers



4-10 dancers



over 10 dancers


AGES: only from 14 years old dancers


TEEN: 14-15 years old

JUNIOR: 16-17 years old

ADULT: from 18 years old.

AGES -  GROUP and FORMATION categories:

JUNIOR: 14-17 years old

ADULT: from 18 years old

In Duos-Trios, Groups and Formations the age group belongs to the oldest dancer.
For example: a formation should enter for the competition in Adult age category if the oldest dancer belongs to adult, but the other dancers may be younger (juniors).

Description and characteristics:

Contemporary dance originally evolved from classical, modern and jazz dances, but its latest version also takes over elements from other dances. His focus is on controlled foot technique and strong torso movement, contraction-relaxation technique, tillage and improvisation. What makes it interesting is the sudden changes in direction, speed and rhythm.

A combination of several dance genres. Expression of status, not the accumulation of elements, but the dance connections are important.

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres, including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballets. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and body through fluid dance movements.

It can also contain acrobatic elements (even capuera) for music that expresses a contemporary emotional state.

Title: it is recommended to give the choreography a title!


  • Acrobatic jumps are allowed, must be correctly presented and smoothly involved in the dance steps.
  • Ground and contact elements are allowed.

Stage decoration and hand props or tools:

  • Hand props or tools are prohibited.

Prohibitions. Any deviation from these prohibitions results classification to the last place:

  • Any other technique is not allowed.
  • Stage decoration and hand props are not allowed.
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