Modern Dance


Music: any music at own discretion fitting the technique applied.
Categories and time duration: 


1 dancer



2-3 dancers



4-10 dancers



over 10 dancers



Description and characteristics:

All modern ballet techniques (Graham, Limón, Horton, Cunnigham, Alexander, jazz-dance and art jazz style. It is characterized by separate use of body parts (isolations), vigorous use of the upper body (contraction-release), parallel positions, rhythmic games.

It is not obligatory to tell a story, but the harmony of dance and music is important. Let's build the choreography on the dynamics of the music, have a dramaturgy, include the rotations and jumps characteristic of the given dance technique!

Presentation of gymnastic exercise (RG) is not sufficient even in mini and kid age groups. The specific and proper positions, holds, steps, turns and jumps of the dance technique concerned – in clear form or mixed.

Music, choreography and costume should be in harmony.

Title: the choreography should have a title reflecting its message or story.


  • Only walkover and cartwheel is allowed, any other acrobatic jumps without hand support are prohibited (sumersault, flic-flac, free-cartwheel).
  • Ground and contact elements are allowed.
  • The performance in group and in formation should contain pattern changes.

Stage decoration and hand props or tools:

  • Hand props or tools are allowed. Size: the dancer or dancers can hold it in hands as a tool, for example: shawl, hat, big size sheet, ribbon, and net.
  • Stage sets or decoration are prohibited.

Prohibitions. Any deviation from these prohibitions results classification to the last place:

  • Acrobatic elements without hand support are prohibited.
  • Stage decoration are not allowed.
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