Dance Show

Dance Show

Music: Any styles at own discretion.

Categories, time duration:





2-3 dancers



4-10 dancers



over 10 dancers




Dance Show reflects in its name, this should be mainly a show dance.

Show Dance, Jazz, Revue, Lyrical belongs to the Dance Show category.

The choreography may present a story, a character, a feeling or an ambiance. You can use the following dance techniques: jazz, classical, modern or contemporary ballet, jazz styles including afro, American, wild and street versions (not art jazz), revue, character or folk dance from any age and from any culture. The dance styles and techniques may be mixed. If the choreography is of only one certain dance style which has its own disciplines in this regulation, then the performance should be nominated in the discipline dedicated for that type of dance. For example: a pure contemporary choreography with stage decoration is not Dance Show.

The harmonic presentation of a situation, feeling, story, role or known personality with fitting steps, dance technique, music, costume, stage props, tools and presentation will be highly evaluated.

The choreography always must present some kind of feeling/emotion or a story to the audience. The used dance techniques must be clearly seen and performed.

Solos in the formation/ group choreographies and standing parts in the dance are allowed but must not dominate.

Music, choreography and costume should be in harmony.

Title: the choreography should have a title reflecting its message or story.


  • Jumps and turns characteristic of the given dance technique.
  • Liftings - can be used
  • Acrobatic elements - can be used
  • Flexibility elements – can be used
  • The choreographies should contain changes/shifts in pattern and configuration.

Stage decoration and hand props or tools:

  • can be used but this is optional, not required
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