WDA Fitness Division

There is a large Fitness division in WDA 

Every Clubs in children fitness sport are welcome!

Fitness routines may be entered to FITNESS categories: 

Fitness Dance
Fitness Show
Acrobatic Show
In Solo there are 3 different levels, the difference is the number of elements and the difficulty level of elements 

FITNESS DANCE (level 1 – less elements)
FITNESS SHOW  (level 2 – next level with more elements)
ACROBATIC SHOW (level 3 – the highest level without limits)
– please see the details bellow.
Please click to Fitness Dance Rules

Duo-trios, groups and formations may enter also in Fitness Dance

IMPORTANT there is only fitness routine, no poses!

WDA European Championship
in Fitness Dance, Fitness Show and Acrobatic Show

10 October 2021

Gdansk, Poland



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