Show Dances

Dance Show

Dance show reflects in its name, this should be mainly a show. The choreography may present a story, a character, a feeling or an ambiance. You can use the following dance technics: jazz, classical, modern or contemporary ballet, jazz styles including afro, American, wild and street versions (not art jazz), revue, character or folk dance from any age and from any culture. The dance styles and techniques may be mixed. 

The harmonic presentation of a situation, feeling, story, role or known personality with fitting steps, dance technics, music, costume, stage props, tools and presentation must be highly evaluated.


Fantasy is a special version of show-like dance with stage decoration, in which the presentation bears the utmost importance with the usage of suitable dance technique, costumes, stage props, tools and sceneries. Fantasy choreography should contain one of the followings: story, character, film figure, tale figure. 

A contemporary choreography with stage decoration is not Fantasy.

The stage decoration may be involved in the choreography or it may serve as the presentation of the ambiance of the choreography, but in all cases it should be reasonable, should connect to the performance.

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